Our Work with Stakeholders

CyQF works with other governmental agencies and bodies that regulate or represent professionals. This ensures our work is well-informed and responsive to stakeholders needs. Consultation is crucial to fulfilling our function, as part of a system developing and implementing policies with a social, commercial and educational aim.

We currently observe a consultation framework and are developing policy to underpin this cooperation. Professional/regulatory bodies play a key role in this work. Professions involve communities of practice that are critical to the functioning of the qualifications system. The input is also essential in areas such as educational quality assurance and the determination and formulation of standards for qualifications.

CyQF engages in knowledge sharing with a range of organizations as part of our policy-development process.

These organizations are often connected and typically interact with:
  • the international scientific and technical community in the discipline concerned
  • Providers of programs of education and training
  • Professional practitioners
  • Professional regulators
  • Employers

The CyQF operates under Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth which funds some of the running costs.